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Services we Provide:

  • Claims submission and tracking helping to ensure timely payment.

  • Remittance advice posting, including EOB scanning and payment verification.

  • Claim Scrubbing resulting in clean claims the first time.

  • Extensive follow-up and appeals process where nothing gets left behind.

  • Fully Customizable reports available 24/7 in real-time, providing in-depth visibility into practice performance and trends.

  • A global dictionary of insurance package information, ensuring proper payer enrollment.

  • Periodic account review where we examine payer successes and opportunities for improvement.

  • Certified Billing/Coding

  • Health Care Collection & Reimbursement Recovery

  • Credentialing

  • Insurance Verification

  • Medical Records Process

  • Authorizations

  • Medical Consulting Services

  • Clinic Revenue Startup

  • Out of Network Insurance Navigation

  • HIPPAA training for staff 

  • Legal financial and record Auditing

           Practice management and billing software

                       we use and recommend: 

    With costs always rising and the amount of money that is 

    decreasing from insurance companies we found a great 

    software program that helps make things easier for you and        your patients and it makes it financially easier.


        With Myriad By Meta, your office staff can:           

  • Transcribe notes

  • Schedule appointments

  • Get authorizations with insurance companies as well as verify patient eligibility.

  • Text messages can be sent to patients for                    appointments and balances

  • Patients can send messages to the office

  • Payments made online

  • Unlimited claims and approvals

  • Prescriptions, re-newels, benefits and cost

  • Financial Analytics & full billing software

  • Assistance throughout the entire process of working with Myriad.

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